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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7/8/08 - My News Edit - Iraq: US withdrawal timeline, and what the Libs will try to leave out


What you may have heard was:

["We will not accept any memorandum of understanding if it does not give a specific date for a complete withdrawal of foreign troops," Mr. al-Rubaie (Iraqi National Security Adviser) told reporters in Iraq's holy city of Najaf. ]

What you may not have heard was:
[Al-Rubaie, who spoke to reporters after meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani (the highest ranking of Iraq's Shiite religious leaders and a staunch anti-extreamist) in Najaf, did not provide details on the proposed timeline.]
[In Washington, US state department spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said the US and Iraq were in agreement over the principle of a US withdrawal. ]
["We want to withdraw. We will withdraw. However, that decision will be conditions-based," said Gonzalo Gallegos, a State Department spokesman. "We're looking at conditions, not calendars here."
"We're making progress and are committed to departing, as evidenced by the fact that we have transferred over half of the country's provinces to provisional Iraqi control, and we're planning on removing the fifth and final surge brigade at the end of the month here, if things go according to plan," he told reporters.]
[He said the US was "making progress" and was committed to departing, pointing out as evidence that the US has transferred over half of Iraq's provinces to provisional Iraqi control. ]


[The Iraqi timeline proposal made public Tuesday appears to set an outer limit, requiring U.S. forces to fully withdraw five years after the Iraqis take the lead on security nationwide — though that precondition could itself take years. ]

Catch that? The withdrawl would happen FIVE YEARS AFTER THE IRAQIS TAKE THE LEAD ON SECURITY NATIONWIDE! Which could take who knows how long. This is also only a proposal, but ever if it wasn't it proves that the Iraqi Gov. does NOT want us out of Iraq until they can handle the security situation on their own. It also underscores the progress of the surge ([ Rubaie said, adding Iraq's 500,000-strong security forces had greatly improved.] and the ability of the Iraqi Government is becoming strong and independent.

The point being: Don't let the Libs trick you, their lies contradict eachother, and that Freedom is not free.

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