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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship.”

“We see that the government in Iran, the supreme leader, the president, the Parliament, is being supplanted and that Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship.” - Hillary, today

this probably wouldnt have stuck out to me IF i hadn't been hearing it more and more frequently
cnn, june 28, 09 -

ZAKARIA: When you watch what's going on inside Iran, do you think it's pretty clear that the government has the ability to really consolidate power and crack down on this?

BAER: Fareed, I'm quite sure there's been a military coup d'etat by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Tehran. They've taken over. And the fact that the Basij came out so quickly, they could have only done that on orders from the IRGC.

The fact that Ahmadinejad is a former IRGC officer, he has the backing of senior officers, I think what we've seen is a military coup against the old clerical establishment.

newsmax jan 8, 2010 -
“Even though Ahmadinejad owes his job and his legitimacy to Khamenei, he privately detests him,” a source in Tehran tells Newsmax.

Ahmadinejad is secretly working behind the scenes to get rid of Khamenei and ultimately the office of supreme leader itself, to install a military-style dictatorship run by himself and allies in the IRGC. “He is grooming Mashai as his successor,” the source added.

Secrets such as these are leaking with increasing frequency to the opposition and to the outside world, especially from inside the Revolutionary Guards and the bassij, congressional analyst Katzman told Newsmax.

“There’s a lot of hedging going on. Lots of Revolutionary Guards are moving out of the country, sending family members to Dubai or to India. Others are putting out feelers to the opposition, to guarantee themselves a future if the regime goes down,” he said.

Digital recordings of intelligence service internal meetings have made their way to the opposition, where they have discussed the best tactics to use in crushing non-violent protests and how to place informants inside opposition organizations.

A recent example of the “hedging” Katzman refers to involves Revolutionary Guards officer Mohammad Reza Madhi, a former top security officer in Khamenei’s office, who sought refuge in Thailand last year and now is calling openly for regime change.

A familiar figure in Iran because of his prominent position in a veterans association of victims of chemical warfare (known as the Bonyad-e Janbazan), Madhi said in a recent interview that he was in touch with his former colleagues and others inside Iran for 10 hours or more every day. “I use mobile phones, e-mails, and other means to communicate with them. I know what is going on in Iran every day.”

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