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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rush recounts the true story of when leftists brought homeless to the USSR, who know true poverty


[B]ack in the early eighties some radical left-wing homeless advocates arranged to have a group of homeless from the US tour the Soviet Union. I remember talking about this when I was on the air in Sacramento, and I was stunned. We're actually going to take a group of homeless people -- we're going to put 'em on an airplane, feed 'em, clothe 'em, whatever -- take them to the Soviet Union to have a forum on homelessness in America in the Soviet Union, the land of Soviet communism. At their very first forum, a Russian in the audience asked one of the homeless men what he did for a living, what was his job. When the homeless man replied he didn't have a job, that he hadn't had a job in years, the audience -- the Soviet audience -- was incredulous.

They could not believe that he was complaining about being homeless when he didn't even bother to work, and the Russian audience walked out of the presentation disgusted and said, "What are we here for? You want us to feel sorry for a bunch of people that are homeless and they don't work?" So what we had, even back then, the Ted Kennedy types in the Democrat Party were trying to paint America as a rotten-to-the-core place, and they packed up a bunch of our homeless people and took them over to Russia. Because we have to be worse than Russia. We have to be worse than the Soviet Union, and the Soviet citizens said, "Well, I can understand you don't have a home if you don't work." They walked out in disgust. If we took a group of homeless people over to Beijing and had a forum, if the regime takes 'em over there, I wonder if the same thing would happen.

"Well, why are you homeless? How long have you been homeless?"

"I've been homeless for years."

"Well, what is your job?"

"Well, I don't have a job."

"Well, then what are you complaining about?"

That's essentially what the Soviet citizens were saying.

As he says later: "I make a statement totally true that poverty in this country is luxury in many places around the world, and they get angry at me."

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