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"In Vietnam, we tried and failed in a just cause. No More Vietnams can mean we will not try again. It should mean we will not fail again." - from No More Vietnams by Richard Nixon

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rush on Cold War History: The "Great Patriotic War"?

Rush: This is Obama at the press conference with Dmitry Medvedev. Just listen to this. Sound bite number 11.

OBAMA: The generation that stood together as allies in the Second World War, the great patriotic war in which the Russian people suffered and sacrificed so much.

RUSH: To call World War II the great patriotic war, which is what Stalin called it, we call it World War II. The great patriotic war. It is groveling, it's just appalling. Carter may have kissed Brezhnev on the cheek. Obama is kissing Putin's butt with that press conference. Folks, this is abominable.


You know, folks, let me tell you about this business with the war. Snerdley asked me during the break, "What's so bad about the Great Patriotic War?" That's what Stalin called it! We have the president of the United States with a Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, sucking up or whatever the hell he was doing yesterday by referring to World War II as the Great Patriotic War. "The Great Patriotic War," to give you a little history lesson here, was only coined by Stalin after Hitler turned on him. They used to be allies. The Russians and the Germans were allies. All of a sudden Hitler turned on Stalin and Stalin suddenly needed to whip up some nationalistic fervor to repel the German invasion.

The Germans were coming and Stalin needed to get his gang up in morale. So the Great Patriotic War is what he called it. You know, Stalin even reopened the churches at the same time -- and that's another cynical move. But to have our president on our soil refer to the Great Patriotic War? My friends, it's an abomination. It is just appalling. It is groveling at its most abject. I mean, the Russians? Everybody thinks the Russians were such great allies of ours in World War II. Yeah, they wouldn't even declare war on Japan until the day before it was to end! The Russians were not our big allies. They only did that so as to be able to seize a couple of Japan's northern islands. We didn't have any allied status there. Remember, Patton got into trouble because he wanted to keep going to Moscow and wipe 'em out. He had a fear of what was coming.

The Great Patriotic War. So we have an idea here of just... This is "bowboy diplomacy." ... Nobody -- nobody! -- calls it the Great Patriotic War except existing Stalinist hardliners, and there are still some around. You find 'em in California, south Florida, in New York, San Francisco. But nobody -- nobody -- refers to it as the Great Patriotic War.

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