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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stalin and Pelosi have more in common than meets the eye

It is well known that Pelosi worships one of Stalin's top agents

Now we learn that they have something else in common as well. On CNN, Pelosi gave an interview in which she discussed how her mother wanted her to be a nun. well...

Stalin was born with the second and third toes of his left foot joined. He suffered a pock-marked face from an attack of smallpox and later damaged his left arm, possibly in a carriage accident. He grew up into a sallow, stocky, surly youth with speckled honey-coloured eyes and thick black hair-a kinto , Georgian street urchin. He was exceptionally intelligent with an ambitious mother who wanted him to be a priest ... Stalin later boasted that he learned to read at five by listening to Father Charkviani teaching the alphabet. The five-year-old then helped Charkviani's thirteen-year-old daughter with her reading.

In 1888, he entered the Gori Church School and then, triumphantly, in 1894, won a "five rouble scholarship" to the Tiflis Seminary in the Georgian capital.

What happened? Well... "An early reading of Darwin apparently corroded his religious beliefs, which were rapidly replaced by Marxism."

Marxism created Stalin, the tyrant who built an evil empire. And it is his puppet who inspired Nancy Pelosi and created the ultra-left ideological fortress that is the San Francisco Democrat Party.

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